Pistons & Rings

  • Premium quality pressure die cast Aluminum Pistons and Cast as well as forged rings
  • manufactured under stringent supervision.
  • In house production of Centrifugally cast Ni resistant Rings.
  • Material Standard LM 13 for Pistons and S G Iron and stainless steel Rings
  • Material analysis, Pressure test, Tensile and Fatigue tests, Hardness, Thermal shock and expansion and profile tests are carried out for pistons and Rings.
  • Piston Pins are manufactured with 20 Mn Cr5 material with hardening process to achieve the case hardness of 52-58 Hrc
  • Wide Range available and development capacity of any Pistons and Rings upon samples.
  • Capacity of supplying 25000 pistons and Ring sets per month


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