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Engine speed governor

I have built a small diesel generator but the mechanical governor does not seem to respond quick enough.I would like to build an electronic governor that will also have overspeed shutdown protection.

I have built a couple of simple electronic controllers for my biogas projects from schematics but I am certainly not an electronics tech.

The engine is from a refridgeration unit that was electroniclly controlled so their is a sensor over the flywheel for speed siginal to the controller.

If anyone out their can help with this project it would be very much appreciated.

Crankshaft Bearing Failure

My 11 year-old 1000-hour 38 HP Yanmar 3JH2E Diesel on my 36 foot sailboat experienced crankshaft bearing failure. The center bearing disintegrated while the other two bearings remained in perfect condition. The circumstances were the prop shaft became entangled in lobster fishing gear during a passage through the Cape Cod Canal. In order to make any headway to keep control and get to a safe anchorage, I had to apply full emergency power to a heavily overloaded engine. The center crankshaft bearing failed, while the other two survived. Because the crankshaft was heavily scored, the engine was a total loss, and needed replacement. The insurance surveyor, claimed that this was a "mechanical failure due to latent defect" "or possibly faulty maintenance" and recommended that the claim be denied, despite clear evidence that the prop and shaft were entangled. I would like your opinion of the possibility that heavy lugging at high power settings caused heating…

Maxi Fly Wheel

Description: Peugeot Sport 106 maxi flywheel. This is a homoligated flywheel for 106. Banned for Super 1600 but is fine to use under Group A6. This flywheel is very light and not suitable for gearboxes with long final drives. As you will struggle on touring stages (hill starts). However the pickup of the engine in the stage is chalk and cheese compared to the standard flywheel.